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Cut your learning time to 1-2 hours per day rather than spending an excessive amount of hours day and night

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Students are sharing what they’re learning after realising the truth in the fishin 4 pips education after being taught the wrong education in the public domain and other MLM companies

Learn how to spot market manipulations, how to trade in line with the banks. Learn how the financial institutions take their trading positions when entering the markets. Learn how to be confident in your trades and understand what you are looking for and how to enter the markets

Many just like you are experiencing results much faster in a shorter space of time and seeing consistent profits that is sustainable for long term success




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Its Jojo’s birthday month we are setting the month of march ablaze. Learn a skill to improve your Financial Future. A LIFE EMPOWERING SKILLSET.

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Does this sound like you?

You started trading because you craved freedom, you wanted the ability to earn in the comfort of your home and not be controlled by a job, and you wanted to spend more time with your friends and family.

There are just a few problems….

You realise trading in itself became stressful, Somewhere in there got stuck wondering if

You learnt to trade the wrong way
You aren’t exercising enough patience
Or maybe you are applying yourself the wrong way

You find yourself lost in the charts. You are now losing money consistently with each trade due to

Fear of missing a trade
Not understanding the correct direction of the market
Placing your stop loss too tight
Not setting a take profit
Over leveraging your account
Revenge trading
Not trading at the right time
Over trading

You scrap everything started trading without a plan and as such you now have

no structure
no guidelines to follow
no step by step approach
no personal trading rules for yourself
You go to the market and trade the charts off the tip of your head

Worse yet the market changes so quick, and you find yourself failing to adapt towards

The market conditions
Setting proper stop loss and take profit
knowing how to enter the market and use different position orders for different market behaviours

You then realise you are building habits of poor risk and money management by

Repeating the same mistakes over and over by raising your lot size
Blowing your trading account by not using a proper stop loss
Not being disciplined by using calculated risk

Now you find yourself burnt learning through trial and error haunted by

Applying the wrong information and education repeatedly
Chasing too many different strategies
Taking too many losing trades

Do you sometimes wonder if

It would be easier to get a day job? Leave all the hassle of the forex market behind and just collect your payslip at the end of each month ?

I know you sometimes think about that because I used to think about it too

Despite your thoughts you are no quitter

Financial freedom has been your dream and there is no way you’ll give it up without a fight right? You believe in this business, know it works and know there’s a way to do it the right way. That’s why you are here reading this.

You know that If you carry on that path to burnout, your longevity in trading won’t last.

Learning the truth and the reality of the financial industry and how it really works is the key to regaining your sanity and creating a sustainable system that you’ll love running for years !


You are brand new to trading

You are a seasoned trader but you still feel as though something is missing

You’re busy and can only spare one hour a day for a couple of weeks to learn the truths behind the markets

You’ve taken a million other courses.

I’m here to help you learn how to spot market manipulations, learn how to trade profitably once and for all. And with our simplified education it will only take two weeks (but you can take longer if you want) ! Two weeks to grasp the concept but the art needs to be developed.

Two weeks to a trading system that brings you peace of mind and inner calm.

Two weeks to learn to trade in line with the banks, become more confident in your trades and understand what you are looking for and how to enter the markets

Two weeks of working fewer hours. (Think of the time you’ll now have to go to the gym, travel or play with your kids! And truly live the life you wish)

Here's why you struggled with the charts until now

You thought….

‘ Maybe I can learn to trade on my own ‘

Truth : You need to surround yourself with people who know more than you, are more experienced than you, so when learning you can be corrected, guided and directed by those who know what they are doing and have the results to show.

‘ I have already invested in XYZ program and I’m sure it was comprehensive ‘

Truth: Most education in the public domain aren’t sustainable and do not show the truth and the reality of the market and how it really works

‘ Maybe if I learn this ‘next’ trading style ‘

Truth: Jumping from strategy to strategy will never give you the key to success,95% of traders fail and they have all tried basically everything.

‘ I’m not too confident with my trades ‘

Truth : You were not taught to trade the right way, you will be confident with certainty in your process once you are taught the right way of trading

‘ I need to focus on making my next trade ‘

Truth: You need to focus on discipline, patience and following a trading plan and getting it right the first time.

Keep things really simple you will earn your profits. Make things complicated and your trading will be studded with doubts.


Imagine. . .

You have a simplified way of trading

You are trading in line with the market movers

You are confident each time you put in a trade

You are scaling your business and your finances

Hanging with your spouse and kids at the same time..

Travelling the world and drinking passion fruit mojitos on the beach! (C’mon. You know that drink is the bee’s knees.)

Imagine your process is so streamlined

Your accounts shows consistent profits, you are winning more trades than lose trades consistently

Doubts become a thing of the past, you don’t second guess yourself anymore by overthinking and creating a lot of scenarios in your head to become your own worst enemy.

Nothing falls through the cracks and you reduce an control risks. You know exactly what to do, when to do it ,the time to move and how to apply yourself properly

Your life experiences a sense of freedom and your belief system rises so high that you can see the end results of changing your family life for generations to come leveraging time, freedom and money all at once.

How will you accomplish this? FISHIN 4 PIPS will help get you there. Use my simple framework to go from being overwhelmed to winning in as little as two weeks !


Gain a more in depth knowledge about the business of the markets and how it really works, how the dealers create the markets and how they set up the moves.


The beginners’ course

The foundation of the forex market and how to set up your trading tools and all the different segments to put all your trading structure together.


Module 01: Introduction to the foreign exchange markets

Module 02: Logging into an account

Module 03: Terminology-chart types

Module 04: 8 A&B Terminology

Module 05: 7 A&B Terminology

Module 06: What are crosses

Module 07: What are exotic pairs

Module 08: What are Base and Quote currency

Module 09: Averaging down

Module 10: What is a Lot

Module 11: Short and Long Position

Module 12: What is a stop out

Module 13: How to enter stop loss and take profit

Module 14: What is bid and asking price

Module 15: Understanding spreads and pips

Module 16: Swap charges

Module 17: Margin call

Module 18: Lots sizes and leveraging

Module 19: Activating trades

Module 20: The terminal window

Module 21: Opening a new order

Module 22: Adding Pairs to MT4 & MT5

The Basics course

Here we  teach you how the industry is designed and show you the foundation of how this business really works.





Module 01 : Introduction to the creators of the markets

Module 02: The business of the markets training 1

Module 03: The business of the markets training 2

Module 04: The purpose of the Asian session

Module 05: The purpose of the London session

Module 06: The purpose of the New York session

Module 07: Getting started with tradingview

Module 08: How to identify a basic type 1 pattern

Module 09: How to identify a basic type 2 pattern

Module 10: How to identify a basic type 3 pattern

The intermediate course

Gain a more in depth knowledge about the business of the markets and how it really works, how the dealers create the markets and how they set up the moves.



Module 01: Market cycles

Module 02: Weekly Structures

Module 03: Trend Cycles, Levels, Counts

Module 04: Trading Journal

Module 05: Market structures and Phases

Module 06: Identifying charts

Module 07: Thought process and mentality

Module 08: backtesting

Module 09: The dealers tricks

Module 10: Levels, cycles

Module 11: Levels, counts

Module 12: trading plan

Module 13: Day trading setups

The Advance course:

All the aspects of the method and system to put together with the segments of the business model of the markets



Module 01: Order blocks

Module 02: institutional trading combine with market makers

Module 03: Patterns, Peaks , Resets

Module 04: Anatomy of patterns and cycles

Module 05: Top down assessment

Module 06: Counts


10 hours freed up each week.

Your trading becoming predictable income

Double the income in half the hours.

Time and freedom to travel the world.

The key is to remain FOCUS

Follow One Course Until Success

These are just some of the results students have experienced after
going through Fishin 4 Pips Listen to their stories below!


There is more ! You will also get $2500 usd worth of bonuses when you join . . .

Bonus 01 INSIDER PDF (Value $500)

Exposing the creators of the markets
The FOREX master patterns

This shows how the markets are created, how its manipulated,
What the dealers do to trap traders ,how the false education was taught to the masses
How they do their business to make money from the retail traders.

Bonus 02 PRIVATE Telegram GROUP (VALUE $500)

Sure, you can get through some courses without a community. But a course about knowing the truth about the market isn’t one of them. You’re going to want a place where you can ask questions and quickly troubleshoot problems. In this community, you’ll have access to me , other leaders and students !

Bonus 03 Past live trade (VALUE $500 )

Before and after setups

Live chart trades to be used as flash cards
Live setups to know what’s going to happen before it happens
Past setups to identify in the future when the market is going to repeat itself
Template of how to predict trades

Bonus 04 Five Power tools ( VALUE $500 )

Well structured working guides :

Trading plan. Pips percentage plan. Money management plan. Trading journal plan and Risk management plan.


We grow with you, weekly live calls led by competent leaders. All sessions are recorded and stored for your viewing at your convenience. But trust you don’t want to miss the energy live, weekly with so much value to be shared in engaging interactive sessions. Take a look at what current student take advantage of each week



Fishin4pips isn’t some expensive $3k usd program you’ll have to pay off for the next 12 months, or some time-intensive group mastermind that costs a whopping $6k.

It’s a small one time investment in yourself that will pay off big time in your future.

One that will allow you to stop feeling so overwhelmed all the time and bring inner calm back to your trades and your life!

It’s a transformation that will help you: achieve your dream house,dream car, dream boat and the financial stability,financial independence and financial freedom you desire.

When you weigh all that against the initial investment and what it will do for your peace of mind (and future success rate ), then it’s an easy choice.

JOIN Fishin4pips TODAY

$1,000 USD

One time payment , followed by $99 USD every 3 months for continued  access 


Hi there ! I’m JOJO the fisherman that trades I’ve taught WELL OVER 1500+ students in the past 3 years how to learn the truth of the market and simplify their trading, but I haven’t always been so aware of the market. I never knew what forex trading was before I was exposed to it a little over 3 years ago

I used to work as a fisherman putting in around 60+ hours a week on the ocean and not even making the equivalent of minimum wage.

I worked as a fisherman I come from a fishing background little education no PhD’s, masters and degrees but a willingness to learn anything I wanted to learn and become anything I want to become

It felt like the dream trading business I had started had turned into a time-sucking, joy-draining nightmare.

I’m no quitter, though.

I went from being a stressed-out wreck who suffered on the ocean 60+ hours a week for less than minimum wage, to working three days a week and having my first $100k usd year.


I started working smarter, not harder. And I want to help you do the same.


You want to learn how to trade the right way,

You are ready to unlearn past education and relearn

You are ready to reprogram old trading habits, behaviours,mentality and mindset

You been burnt from past courses

You are fed up of getting scammed

You are sick and tired of being sick and tired with no real results

You want to experience a change in mindset and results

You are open to a new perspective of the markets and its education


You want money quickly without putting in the work

You want to get rich quick

You don’t want to follow a trading plan be patient and discipline

You prefer to stay stuck in your old ways and not unlearn.

You can’t be committed and consistent

JOIN Fishin4pips TODAY

$1,000 USD

One time payment , followed by $99 USD every 3 months for continued  access 


Frequently asked questions.

Have a pressing question you need answered before joining FISHIN4PIPS ?

Below is a list of the most common questions I’ve been asked. If for some reason you don’t see your question, just reach out to my customer support assistant,, using the box on the bottom right corner of the screen, or email ( joettecharles30@gmail.com) so we can help you!

You can learn after work for just 2 hours a day. It’s all you need to dive into education.. Make time. If you can go to work for someone and spend 10 to 12 hours a day to get them rich you can more than spend 1 to 2 hours a day on yourself to get yourself rich.

There is a One time payment of $1000 USD  , followed by $99 USD every 3 months for continued  access. This is our ‘accountability fee ‘ that ensure all enrolled students are steadfast and dedicated to learning. You can of course opt out when   you feel comfortable enough, you are trading confidently and no longer see the need for the f4p community .

It’s for anyone and everyone who is willing to learn the right way of trading

Sacrifice is the price of anything worth changing your life

You will finish this one with our accountability check up on our students and you will enjoy the learning also, that will keep you going to finish it.

Definitely it will, if you work for it .. it will work for you.

I recommend you use only what’s right for you.. You can use brokers of your own if you choose or use the ones that we use but you are free to use what we are already using.


You don’t finish you work it until you get successful independent and empowered


The first choice is to try to simplify your trading by yourself. continue wasting months Googling tech tutorials and trying to piece together your trading systems and processes painfully and stressfully.

OR, if you already know you want to simplify your trading in the fastest way possible so you can focus on what’s most important…. then the choice is obvious:

Join us inside FISHIN4PIPS and start your transformation to a simple trading that minimizes stress and becomes predictably profitable

Simply click the button below and I will be waiting for you on the inside !

But choose quickly.

Because this registration period won’t be open forever…

Join the next cohort of intake.

After that it’ll be quite some time before we open enrollment again.

You’ll miss out on the chance to simplify your trading and gain back your peace of mind and time.

Don’t waste another minute feeling like a stressed amateur.

Join us now and become the streamlined trading expert you’re meant to be

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